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Destiny is a game that has been launched on 9 September 2014 and it is a first person shooter online with MMORPG elements that allows the players to be the guardians of the last city on the earth. These are required to travel all over in our galaxy and to collaborate in order to defeat the attacks of mysterious alien enemies - search best solution.

The guardians can explore four zones: the Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars, each space with its own missions related to the story, and also Strikes and quests specially created for the cooperative game play.

Also, the game Destiny offers a section called Crucible, a section dedicated to the competitive multiplayer game play and if you decide to play here, you will be able to gain many experience and many additional equipment - see the differences.

Destiny is a great game that has many good aspects. First thing on my mind is the fact that this games has basic shooter mechanics that run perfectly. Also, the enemy classes are pretty well designed and they seem to read your mind when you start to implement your strategies. Plus, this game is very stable even though is a game that is played online. It has many Strike missions that are pretty interesting. The artistic direction is impressive and the re-play after a loot is pretty much ok. As I already mentioned above this game has a section called Crucible dedicated to the competitive multiplayer game play that actually bring a certain dose of diversity, not to mention the fact that it actually brings you many advantages starting from gathering experiences to gaining additional equipment - check out references in the tutorial.

This game also has some negative aspects. The story of the game is practically not there. You get a couple of details at the beginning of the game and that’s all. After that you start to create your own game building strategies and making teams with other players. Another negatives aspect is the fact that the missions repeat and they are not so diverse. This game isn’t worthy to be played alone, so if you don’t have at least one friend to make a team, it’s pretty boring because not many players are willing to take you in their team.

To sum up my little article, I need to say just one more thing. Destiny, with all the good and the bad parts, is a good game and it’s actually worthy to be played.

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